Enhancing Cosmic Consciousness
Energy Exercise CDs

In these energy exercises, gathered from years of channeling sessions from the Pleiadians, you will be guided into alternative states of consciousness and new multidimensional territories of awareness. Each energy exercise encourages you to delve deeper into your mind and body using rhythmic, relaxing breathing to travel with your imagination into dynamic vistas of reality.

As the Pleiadians guide you through these mind expanding journeys, you will explore the mysteries of the Living Library of Earth and your connectedness to the vastness of the cosmos. You will meet energetic and cosmic beings from the world of spirit who offer symbols, messages and practical solutions for personal and planetary healing and enhanced psychic awareness.

Enhancing Cosmic Consciousness 1

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Enhancing Cosmic Consciousness 1

Mind in the Multiverse

Track list (80 minutes total):
  1. Introduction by the Pleiadians (2:00)
  2. White Bird (13:37)
  3. Cleansing Stream (6:37)
  4. Serpent and the Black Hole (13:17)
  5. Timeline Travel (28:33)
  6. Orbs in the Third Eye (8:50)
  7. Cosmic Union (4:32)

Enhancing Cosmic Consciousness 2

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Enhancing Cosmic Consciousness 2

The Cosmos is Calling

Track list (80 minutes total):
  1. Introduction by the Pleiadians (2:24)
  2. Expansion (9:06)
  3. Heart Connections (7:21)
  4. Solar Flares (12:15)
  5. DNA Doorways (16:52)
  6. Chakras & Golden Orbs (10:58)
  7. Cosmic Zuyder Zee (9:59)
  8. Journey into the Cosmos (8:51)

What people say about them

“These energy exercises went way beyond most guided visualization meditations and transported me deep into some amazing places where I gained symbolic clues and greater insights into my soul purpose...”

“The Pleiadian teachings are condensed and articulated beautifully through the guided journeys on the CDs...”

“I found myself coming back over and over again to the rich images and profound questions posed by the Pleiadians long after listening to the exercises...”



Each Energy Excercise CD costs $15.00 plus postage.


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