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Path of Empowerment

Published December, 2004.
USA $17

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Family of Light

Published October, 1998.
USA $15



Published November, 1994.
USA $14


Bringers of the Dawn

Published September, 1992.
USA $14

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Family of Light:
Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living


With compassion and compelling insight, the Pleiadians, those system-busting time-travelers from the future, take us on a journey through the uncharted lands of The Book of Earth, which comprises all human experience. While "our world goes belly-up in these most absurd of times," they offer us "tools for survival." During the crucial period between 1987 and 2012 — a nanosecond in the annals of existence where secrets and solutions are stored — we have the unique opportunity to move from the deepest of density to the highest of frequencies — where we shift from linear to multi-dimensional living.

To make this transition, we must face not only the limitations of our 3-D world with its electronic manipulation and mind control, we must embrace our own wounds, and those of our ancestors and leaders. To heal ourselves, to raise our frequency from one of despair and fear to one of great inspiration and love, the Pleiadians urge us to rethink and reevaluate our lives: "You shall change, you will change, you must change, because this is the season of change."

Excerpts from Family of Light

From Chapter 1, "Reality Exists as a Mirror," Pages 16-17

One of the greatest challenges you face is to understand how the mind works. We said that we will convey thought to you, mind to mind. You are, of course, telepathically expanding. Many people are very good at it while some people cannot imagine it ever working, yet you are born with this ability. If you cultivated it, you would be far more astute than you believe yourselves to be. Then again, if you were far more astute, you would not be as manageable. Much is kept from you and held in secret as higher knowledge: your ability to heal, to use your mind to create what you want, to send and receive messages, to see pictures or read energy fields — these these are your innate abilities. If you claim these powers, then the few who live in wealth and are in charge will have a very difficult time managing you. How could they if you were free, unencumbered by shoulds, sins, and limitations?

From Chapter 2, "Doorways of Time," Page 39

Your world is marketed for separation, for meaningless living; with all the sins, heavens, and hells, it is a wonder anyone wants to be born any more. However, love is here in a form that is beyond what you can ever experience any place else. Your ultimate destiny is to turn the whole world into a love frequency, and we are here to assist you in that process. We cannot do it for you. Actually, all we can really do is entertain you, feed you ideas, and perhaps act as instigators. You are the final makers, creators, and doers. As you learn more about mind control and its many levels of influence, you will see that you are easily controlled because you do not want to be in charge of yourselves. You like it when ideas come to you, and you do not have to think. You like to be told what to do. You surf the Internet and have no idea that the ideas you are fed lock you in limited thinking. You do not realize your genes can be rearranged telepathically. It is not so easy to do; however it is done, particularly at the beginning of one age and the end of another.

From Chapter 6, "Nothing Is Exactly as It Appears to Be," Page 108

Family of Light is here to set precedents and create options, to show alternate ways, not to declare one way as the only way. No dues, no club memberships, certificates of approval, or graduation diplomas are required. You simply live, creating a vibration and a standard of living that astounds those around you. Many people who do not understand the times are afraid of the power running through humankind today, so they perceive some people with power as being arrogant. Be cautious of this fault and, as you unfold to the power of healing and the energy that is within you, be sincerely gracious. Do not snub or look down at those who have not yet discovered their abilities, because the energies are here for all people. All of you who have made the discovery are to inspire others to do the same.

From Chapter 6, "Nothing Is Exactly as It Appears to Be," Pages 117-118

The countdown during this fleeting moment of time is known by many. The World Management Team who currently influences your planet is composed of of a cluster of families, a few thousand people in number. They rule the industries of banking, media, education, and the distribution of knowledge all over your globe, and it is they, a handful of people, who challenge your freedom. They are connected through their thoughts to other entities, just as you are. The difference is they know it, and you do not for the most part, so they use their tools and techniques to connect you to the entities that they wish to feed.

The idea of invisible vampires is not unknown. Remember the Gods take all forms, and they come in to teach you and to fulfill their own destiny, which is to learn. How you learn and what lessons you attract in living will be determined by how quickly you learn the lessons in front of you right now. If the energy of the cosmos treats you to a great opportunity to love and forgive, and you do not take it, then you can be certain that you will have the opportunity to face that one again until you get it. And sometimes you will find yourself flat on your back, or perhaps flat broke, deflated, with no fizz in your mineral water, until you get it.

From Chapter 8, "Family of Dark," Pages 144-145

Whenever you go somewhere new, you are bound to meet an unknown. The presumptions you apply to the unknown territory determine what you will experience. You cannot go into a higher frequency of energy without exploring every territory; therefore the dark side of humanity and the dark side of existence now call you to examine and understand them. The dark side of power has many secrets: hiding your inheritance as beings of biological magnificence, as well as knowledge concerning the power of your mind, the power to regenerate and replicate yourself, and to truly understand the processes of sexuality, birth, living, and death. You must learn to stop fearing the darkness, and to understand the wide variety of sexual expressions that create power, a power that rests at the core of your inheritance as human beings.

Praise for Family of Light

Magical Blend

With her third book, Barbara Marciniak establishes herself as a creator of excellent literature, as well as a bringer of essential information. . . . There is a spiritual revolution sweeping the Earth that is going to eclipse the industrial and information revolutions, and this book heralds its coming.

Nexus Magazine

The Pleiadians, that collective of multidimensional intelligences who claim to have originated from the Pleiades constellation, have been communicating through Barbara Marciniak since 1988. Family of Light is her third book of teachings channelled by these entities. Regardless of the Pleiadians' source and identity, there is a ring of truth about their messages that resonates with other high-integrity teachings. These time-travelling agents of change again put out the wake-up call for us to learn how to handle the chaos of our times. They see our civilization, with its misplaced and misguided authorities, crumbling — but this is all part and parcel of the cosmic-scale vibrational frequency changes that are affecting our region of space. Just as we need to understand the Light, not just accept it blindly, so too, say the Pleiadians, do we need to understand the Dark and participate in the interplay between the two forces. Our only way through the chaos and fear is through the vibration of Love; without this frequency, we cannot go through the perceptual and genetic shifts that are our inheritance but which the Family of Dark has tried to suppress over the millennia. The mind-control technologies of the dark powers are a force to be reckoned with, they agree, but can be overcome with the correct energy. The Pleiadians (and, apparently, other intelligent races in the cosmos) see humanity and the Earth at an evolutionary crossroads with a great cosmic wave soon to engulf us, you guessed it: around 2012!

ForeWord Magazine

Internationally known trance channel and author of Bringers of the Dawn and Earth (which have sold half a million copies and have been translated into more than a dozen languages), Barbara Marciniak now offers a third work of Pleiadian advice and survival tools in the Family of Light. The period between the years 1987 and 2012 is said to be "a nanosecond in the annals of existence where secrets and solutions are stored." This crucial time frame gives mankind the unique opportunity to move from the deepest of density to the highest of frequencies as we shift from linear to multidimensional living. This now is the season of change.

Metaphysical Reviews

Family of Light helps make sense of ". . . the various areas of life where it appears that your freedoms are becoming very restricted." Barbara writes "As your system collapses and familiar comforts disappear very rapidly in the next few years, there will be an equal amount of opportunities and reappearances." That is the vital message, ". . . you are seen as extraordinary powerful beings, as creations of the Gods." Further, "Your ultimate destiny is to turn the whole world into a love frequency, and we are here to assist you in that process." Barbara Marciniak, and the brilliant Family of Light shows us the means to access the intelligence, stored within each of us, to live in the next dimension, and the next century. And so Ms. Marciniak's latest effort is surely her greatest. Family of Light is an atlas of maps that guide us, the adventurers and journeyers, into "realms of understanding and mystery to extend yourself into the depths of unfathomable antiquities." Family of Light helps, in other words, to unlock the secrets we all hold within, to heal ourselves and to raise our frequency from fear to love. Barbara Marciniak is a lightworker, modern day guru, and voice of the Pleiadians. Family of Light is their fervent message of change. . . and as such, required reading!


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