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Path of Empowerment

Published December, 2004.
USA $17


Family of Light

Published October, 1998.
USA $15



Published November, 1994.
USA $14


Bringers of the Dawn

Published September, 1992.
USA $14

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Path of Empowerment:
Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos


Published by New World Library

Sharing new inspirations from over eight years of previously unpublished Pleiadian wisdom, author Barbara Marciniak offers creative solutions for changing beliefs, reclaiming one's power, and creating a world of unlimited possibilities. She also presents critical new material on how to deal with the world's increasing chaos and the accelerated pace of life. Consisting of profound new insights on power, fear, love, desire, health, sexual intimacy, energy, and creativity, this timely text is for those ready and willing to embrace self-empowerment, seek the truth, broaden awareness, and meet the challenges of a world on the brink of major change.

"You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited." — The Pleiadians

Marciniak's bestseller Bringers of the Dawn first introduced us to the Pleiadians — multidimensional beings who claim kinship with us and offer their guidance during our "tumultuous transformation of consciousness." In Path of Empowerment, Marciniak challenges us to resist the age-old forces that limit awareness. She presents the Pleiadian keys to opening human consciousness to the unlimited possibilities of "significant living," including how to:

  • Activate your hidden potential by reading the symbolic reality of daily life
  • Utilize the power of your sexuality to create greater intimacy and self-expression
  • Recognize the power of beliefs and emotions and the role they play in healing illness
  • Release feelings of powerlessness and embrace your innate ability to create your reality

Path of Empowerment offers profound new insights and practical advice on how to creatively meet the challenges of a world on the brink of major change.

Excerpts from Path of Empowerment

From Chapter 1, "Multidimensional Reality and the Design of Existence," Page 5

Understanding the power of beliefs and the power of the mind, both individually and en masse, is the most pressing and crucial issue for humankind to grasp. Recognizing these two important keys of knowledge can open human consciousness to a new worldview of unlimited possibilities and highly creative solutions. Beliefs are essentially agreements about reality, and both personal and collective beliefs form the structure and the parameters of your life experience in any era. Beliefs, thoughts, and feelings leave a distinct formative imprint on the field of vital energy that envelops your world. You are creating all of the time and humankind is rapidly awakening to this astounding realization.

From Chapter 1, "Multidimensional Reality and the Design of Existence," Page 20

When you change your attitude, you change your personal and collective life. People all over the world are realizing the need to refocus the direction of global attention toward one of honesty and integrity, where valuing peace and respectfully honoring and caring for Earth and all her creatures are of primary intent. As the vibration of the mass consciousness expands and matures, greater momentum and focus will be gained. The Earth feels these changes. An elevated state of awareness in the collective consciousness of humankind triggers the Earth to unlock and release more of the complete story of time stored within her being.

From Chapter 4, "The Intimate Dance of Beliefs and Emotions," Pages 92-93

Humankind is being tested to become much more consciously aware of how to use the power of thought. You are born with a multitude of abilities, yet your cultivated beliefs insist you are powerless; therefore, these abilities are blocked out or eradicated from neural pathways at an early age. The key to solving the great planetary crisis you face lies in the compassionate recognition that humanity has essentially developed a collective fear of the power to create. These times call for you to know your mind and your beliefs and to become an extraordinary creator of your reality.

From Chapter 4, "The Intimate Dance of Beliefs and Emotions," Page 123

There are always a multitude of favorable probabilities from which to choose. Please be aware of this potential and do not busy yourself with worries. Worry is a supreme waste of energy in any situation. It creates a disturbing vibration in your field and drains you of energy. And how do you avoid worry? You must deal with your beliefs concerning what you choose to worry about. Release your need to be in charge or in control of everything. Replace your worry with a statement that affirms your choice of safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Learn more about yourself by paying attention to how you manage energy. Be aware of what no longer works by recognizing how your inner ruminations become the movie of life that you meet in the outside world.

From Chapter 5, "Healing on the Lines of Time," Page 142

Great significance underlies every illness, large or small, because your body is a biofeedback system for your attitudes. Managing energy involves managing your relationship with your emotional self. Examining your emotions is the bottom line for understanding the purpose of a particular health-related situation. Poor health does not just land in your lap. You are ultimately responsible for setting the stage of your body's inner terrain based on the choices you make, and you actually restrict your body's natural healing processes when you readily accept only conventional medical labels and categories for your condition. You deny the purpose and power of your body's intelligence when you believe that you "just caught something out of the blue," rather than realizing and accepting that your body is merely responding to your inner feelings and commands.

Praise for Path of Empowerment

Narcissus AwardPath of Empowerment has been named a 2005 Narcissus Award Finalist by New Age Retailer magazine, the premier trade magazine serving the New Age and body/mind/spirit marketplace.


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